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Tarot is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of fortune telling, as well as a profound route to self-knowledge. David Wells, an expert at astrology and other divination methods, offers some advice on how to incorporate this timeless practice into your psychic tool kit, and explains the meaning of the tarot. The most important aspects of tarot use are explained simply, including the two branches of the tarot deck, the major and minor arcana. He'll also show you how to make use of the most common card lay outs and which are most appropriate for different contexts.

The Meaning of the Tarot by David Wells

Tarot cards
A three-card spread of Tarot cards:
The World, The Wheel of Fortune and The Sun

There are as many myths surrounding the Tarot as there are decks themselves. You will hear various ideas, from the cards being a device to bury esoteric teaching right through to just a game played by aristocrats. For our purposes they are a window into your subconscious.

The Tarot Deck

The deck itself is made up of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana ones. The Major Arcana give you bigger messages; they suggest long-term changes and areas you really have to concentrate on. The 56 Minor Arcana suggest day-to-day, more earthly challenges you may have to deal with. The Minor Arcana are split into four suits, just like playing cards. Each suit has 14 cards in it – ace to ten and four court cards, namely the Knight (or King), the Queen, Prince (Knight in some decks) and Princess (or Page). They are then split into the suits of Wands, which represent Fire, Swords, which represent Air, Cups, which represent Water, and Disks, which represent Earth. We’ll talk more about the elements and the cards themselves later on.

You don’t have to be given your first Tarot deck – that’s another myth. You can go out and buy it if you like. I use the Thoth deck – you can use whichever one you want!

If you are buying a deck, though, be guided by your intuition. The cards work through images, and images are the language of your intuition and psychic mind. It’s through the plethora of symbols, and in the case of the Thoth deck astrological references as well, that you will discover more about your own path and how to access the ancient wisdom the Tarot contains. The 78 cards can make you smile as time and time again the same things are suggested to you, as I have found out!

I cannot stress enough how important the images are when using the Tarot – and it’s your own interpretation of them that counts. One of the best bits of advice I ever got with the Tarot was to read the books on it then give them away. If you constantly refer to them, you have missed the point!

During my time learning the Qabala the cards were to become very familiar to me. Part of the structure of the Qabala allows for a deeper understanding of the cards. That takes many years, but you don’t have to take years to use the cards; you can pick a pack up today and get something from it immediately.

When I was given my first deck it was suggested that I take the cards with me into a meditation and ask for them to be linked to my subconscious. You too can do this by simply holding your cards during a meditation and asking for that link. This time there’s no help from me – you can do this yourself. Make it short, but do it the way you want to do it. And don’t forget your intention. In this case it’s to form a relationship with your cards.

Before we meet the characters and influences involved with the cards it may be a good thing to know how to handle them. I am a little superstitious with my cards and like to keep them wrapped in a piece of black silk and in a lovely box. I’m not sure if it is superstition or a show of respect for their wisdom; either way, it makes it special when I unwrap them and in a way it sends a signal to my own subconscious to really wake up, it has work to do! I also drop some essential oil onto the silk now and again to keep the cards clean and smelling lovely. I love to use geranium oil for this as it smells sweet and has an air of calm about it. You might want to come up with your own ritual. Ritual is good – it switches you on and somehow connects you to the cards in a way that you won’t have if you simply pick them up and start working.

Questions and Answers

Most of us think of the cards as an oracle, a way to have our questions answered, and they will do that, or should that be you do it with their assistance?

You can ask questions out loud or you can ask in your own head. Both ways are fine. Just be clear about your intention.

Simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions don’t work very well with the Tarot and the cards won’t tell you what to do either. They will, however, suggest an outcome if you choose a particular route. So don’t say ‘Should I apply for this job?’ but ‘What will happen if I apply for this job?’

Choosing the Cards

There are various ways of laying the cards out according to the question you want an answer to. We’ll come to those later, but first it’s a good thing to shuffle the deck! Hold the cards, cut them, shuffle them. Handling them is the key, it puts your energy around the cards, and as you shuffle think about your question once to reinforce it and then let your intuition take over. There is nothing wrong with someone else choosing your cards for you, by the way. There are times when that just feels appropriate or perhaps distance makes it the only practical way.

When the cards are good and mixed up, put them back into a neat pile and hold them sticking out from your belly button. This puts them firmly in your aura. It always makes me feel really connected to the cards.

Now run the fingers of your left hand (that’s your intuitive side, whether you are right- or left-handed) up and down the cards and take one out when you feel guided.

Take as many cards as you need for your chosen layout, keeping them in order. Remember to lay them out in the order that you chose them. Mixing up the order won’t give you an accurate reading.

Now put them face down the way you want to read them – card one in position one, card two in position two, and so on.

Reading the Cards

Some people prefer to turn over one card at a time. Personally, I like to see the whole lot, as simple things like the dominant colour in the lay can bring something to me or perhaps there are lots of nines or court cards – something that could be significant to the whole scheme of things. You decide how you prefer to turn the cards – it’s your Tarot.

Upside-down cards often have a negative interpretation thrust on them. I don’t bother which way up the cards are. There’s positive and negative in every card and it’s up to you which interpretation you are drawn to. Just go with it.

Read each card in relation to its position in your chosen lay, but remember to relate it to the card ahead and the one behind as well. This is a flow of information, not an isolated message, and at the end of the lay you should have been taken on a journey by your psychic self, a journey through your subconscious.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I ask and is anything forbidden?

Apart from avoiding ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions, you can ask anything you like. Nothing is forbidden. Your own moral judgement will guide you!

How can people with no knowledge of the cards pull the right cards for themselves?

Remember you’re dealing with the subconscious. It knows everything and it will access the right information – perhaps not just about the person drawing the cards, but about the person reading them as well.

Can I really read my own cards?

Staying objective isn’t easy, but when it comes to your psychic development you will usually find the cards are clear. If you use them for personality issues such as love, money and career, that can be difficult and you do have to work hard at detaching what you want to see from what’s actually being said. That takes a long, long time, as I have found out.

Should I be scared of the cards?

Are you scared of postcards? Just like them, Tarot cards are bits of cardboard with pictures on them. They help you access your own subconscious and nothing in that will scare you!

The myths surrounding the Tarot can be off-putting, but they were probably simply meant to stop people accessing something that handed power back to them. Some people prefer others not to ask questions and to just do what they’re told!

How do you know which symbol or meaning to use?

You trust your intuition and let your eye be drawn to what your subconscious is showing you. Go with what you see. It’s a bit like a cosmic game of Catch-phrase – say what you see.

If a card comes out more than once, is it especially important?

The card itself isn’t important, it’s the message that’s being reinforced – usually because you’re not listening!

How far ahead will the cards work if used for prediction?

Think weeks rather than months, up to about eight weeks in fact, but always remember, if the cards suggest change and you do nothing, nothing will change. Never blame the cards for lack of action in your life.

Should I invest in a headscarf and earrings?

The cards aren’t about fortune-telling, they are about your soul, about your development as a spiritual being, and as such they should be used to show you how you can help yourself rather than whether you’re going to meet someone special down the pub tonight.

Can I overdo it?

Yes, you can, and I have. I take a card every day as part of my meditation routine, but I don’t live by it and when I do a full lay I only do it as part of a process, I don’t make it the only tool for deciding my way ahead. If you find yourself consulting the Tarot to decide what to have for your tea, you might need to put the cards away for a while!

Can I read for friends?

If you like. It’s a good way to practise, but remember you may see things you don’t want to comment on. Make sure if you do read for friends you only do it when both of you are sober. This is no party trick and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Is distance a problem?

You can read for someone at a distance and they can read for you. Just make sure you take some time to think about them and get a link. Without it, you might as well be sitting playing patience.

Are you ready to meet the team?

The Major Arcana

As we go through the cards, take your deck out and have a look at each card. Don’t hurry this process. Make some notes about how each card makes you feel and what the colour or symbols mean to you. I cannot go into each and every meaning for each and every card here, but I’ll give you enough information to get to grips with the Tarot. Later I’ll give you a meditation process which is a very powerful method of getting to know the characters of the Major Arcana up close and personal – something I loved during my own development.

The Fool

This character is often seen stepping out onto a path or even about to disappear over a cliff! This can be seen as having faith he will be caught, but if you feel this card isn’t favourable in a lay, it may be a warning not to be foolhardy. Over the Fool’s shoulder or around him will be everything he needs for his journey, suggesting that the reader too has everything they need to embark upon the route ahead. Sometimes a dog is seen at his side, representing instinct.

Whenever I see this card in my lay I get very excited, as it usually means new things are on the horizon. Although I might have to let go of something I’m attached to, I always feel things are a little brighter for seeing the Fool.

The Magus (The Magician)

As with all good magicians, the Magus has surrounded himself with the tools of his trade. The wand, sword, cup and disk show he is master of the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, meaning he can manifest whatever he wants through the proper use of his talents. Activity is indicated here. You will have the chance to get on and do things, and do things you must. Mischief can also be shown. Usually it means someone who says a little more than they ought to at a time that’s not appropriate, but they will inevitably talk their way out of it!

For me, this card is special. It’s Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, and he usually says things are on their way. So when you see this card, listen carefully, keep your eyes wide open and trust what you see and hear – but check the facts before acting!

The High Priestess

The key to understanding the High Priestess is the veil that surrounds her. Now you see her, now you don’t. She exists between the two worlds, between the conscious and subconscious, dipping in and out as she sees fit. She also moves between telling the truth and telling anything but, making this card one where your own intuition must be in full flow – funny that!

In the Thoth deck the camel at the base of the card always reminds me to hold out for what I want and the clear quartz crystals surrounding the priestess remind me to be sure about what I want! This card means divine guidance and a helping hand, but it can also warn me to make sure someone is what they say they are. If I have been overdoing things with the Tarot, this card often falls from the deck. It’s one of two cards that I take to mean, ‘Enough, put them away and get on with other things!’

The Empress

Sitting on her throne, the Empress looks in control in every way. She is normally surrounded by images of nature, showing her affinity with the Earth and suggesting abundance.

Femininity is the key to her success and she uses all those nurturing gifts to bring what she wants into her life. She recognizes that some old ways must die back to make way for the new and she sometimes has the Moon alongside her to show the cycle of life and death, the ebb and flow of the universe.

For me, she symbolizes all these things, but can also describe a physical pregnancy if that’s appropriate in the reading. For men, she tells of a need to be more in touch with their feelings and not to be afraid to be the one who nurtures. Generally, when I see her I am warmed to know things are about to take a turn for the better, to move from winter to spring.

The Emperor

This very strong figure is associated with Aries and all the Arian traits apply here. He is of course on his throne, telling everyone he is in charge, and the rams, another symbol for Aries, show his virility and ability to lead. He wants to see some courage in the face of adversity and reckons the only way to have that is to speak up rather than lurk in the shadows, muttering and backbiting. He may have a point! For women, this card can suggest taking on a more active role or perhaps remind them of their own creativity and the need to be assertive.

To me, this card means action stations. It says it is a time to get on with things rather than sit around and wait for them to happen.

The Hierophant

Here we meet our spiritual teacher. Sometimes this card can actually represent a physical person coming into your life to help with your teaching as well as a new spirit guide. The Hierophant appears very much in control of himself and usually his hands are open to show his willingness to share. Interestingly, he often has the index and middle finger together on his left hand, forming horns. This reminds us of the illusions we may encounter in the search for enlightenment.

I love this card, he is very special to me, and when I see him he reminds me to keep searching and to follow my own path regardless of those who want to impose too many rules!

The Lovers

The meaning of this card may seem obvious, and in some cases it is, but what if it comes up when the question is about something unrelated to love – career, for example? Here the duality of the card comes into play and suggests a choice has to be made. It won’t tell you what that choice is; it will, however, show the answer lies within you and to find it all you have to do is to be emotionally honest with yourself. The people in this card represent the severing of one into two, so what is needed to become whole again?

For me, this card is always welcome when the question is about love, as it indicates there is a strong bond, but does it mean physical love? That all depends on the cards around it and on its position. When the reading isn’t about love, I take the Lovers as a sign that I should look more deeply into what’s happening and find my own solutions, because I already know the answer I am seeking.

The Chariot

The charioteer can’t see where he is going and trusts in the guidance of the animals pulling his chariot, a symbol of course of using intuition and allowing things to unfold in their own time. This card says, ‘I have thought this through and now I am off to meet my future.’

The Chariot means so many things to me and a lot depends on where it is in a lay, but among the meanings are: career decisions need to be made and acted on, listen to your soul, a man in uniform is in or about to come into your life and, last but by no means least, don’t forget to switch the iron off before you go out. Not really – that last one was just checking you’re still awake!

Adjustment (Sometimes called Justice)

On tiptoes, blindfolded, holding the scales of justice, Maat, goddess of justice, waits to weigh your heart against a feather to see if it’s light enough to allow you to enter the kingdom of heaven. You’ll get what you deserve!

The organization I trained with bears the name of this Egyptian goddess, so for me this is a very special card. Maat represents fairness and eternal balance. What you sow, you reap – no more, no less. She also speaks of karma and how for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Her scales are not static but constantly balancing things out. When you see this card, a judgement may have to be made, but it should be made without bias.

The Hermit

The Hermit turns away from the world towards his task of seeking knowledge and wisdom. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t experienced life in the big wide world but shows he has seen enough and now seeks another sort of experience. The light he carries isn’t so much about showing him where he is going as showing us where he has been and illuminating a path should we wish to follow.

Again, this is one of my favourite cards. Whenever it appears, it suggests that it may be a good idea to get some time on your own to think things through. A spa is just fine for this – you don’t have wear a hair shirt and sit on a mountaintop. I get some of my best ideas when I’m covered in Manuka honey and being pummelled by a hard-handed therapist!

Fortune (Sometimes called the Wheel of Fortune)

The obvious symbol here is the wheel. As it turns, you are either at the top or the bottom and your luck runs appropriately, but how do you know where you are? Unless you keep your eyes wide open you don’t and therefore you may be out of synch with fortune. When this card appears, let yourself be guided by fate and the circumstances around you.

For me, this card is always exciting. It tends to indicate an adventure ahead and although that may mean some risks, there could be some good things to come as well. If the card is negatively placed, the idea is to lie low until things calm down, thereby minimizing the risks.

The Fortune card also indicates destiny. Use the cards around it to gain a clearer idea of where that lies.

Lust (Sometimes called Strength)

The lion seems the focal point of this card – after all, aren’t lions strong? But it’s the woman on the lion’s back you need to be looking at. She has tamed this beast and that’s where the true meaning of the card lies – in the ability to take control of life and to live it!

For me this card usually suggests someone needs to seize the moment and forget about the ‘woulda, shoulda, coulda’ put on them by other people. They should just do what they know to be right for them, what makes them smile. Instinct is also indicated here. Not to be confused with intuition, instinct is of the moment rather than a feeling that grows. When this card appears, it needs to be cultivated.

The Hanged Man

Here is one of those cards people always get their pants in a panic over, no matter how many times you say there’s good and bad in every card. But there’s no real cause for it! The trick with the Hanged Man is to know that the man in question can get out of his dilemma any time he wants by simply releasing himself from old and outdated conditions. By seeing that there is another way to do things, he needn’t suffer at all.

When I see this card I try to think how I can tackle something differently, because it’s clear that continuing on the path I’m on won’t produce much. Taking a new view of things will bring a freshness that will beget positive experiences.


If the wheat in the fields didn’t die, you wouldn’t eat and next year’s crop wouldn’t grow, so your children wouldn’t eat. Life and death, that cycle is perhaps the greatest one of all and the one a lot of us choose to ignore out of fear. This is a negative card in some people’s perception; however, imagine if you are reading for someone who is in a negative relationship, one that’s damaging them, and this card comes out followed by the Lovers. Wouldn’t that mean the start of something better? So Death is not a negative card at all, it’s one that says something is ending and it’s right that it should come to an end. Most Tarot readers I know welcome this card, as it usually signifies the end of a stagnant period.

Art (Sometimes called Temperance)

In the Thoth deck the figure on the Temperance card stands over a large cooking pot, adding the ingredients that will help everything to reach a fulfilling conclusion. She is surrounded by opposites, showing that nothing is impossible and with the right conditions opposites can not only attract but also work well together.

Art is one of those cards that always has the same meaning for me. It speaks of finding the missing link, the thing that’s usually right in front of your nose. If you pull this card, try to think about what’s working rather than what’s missing, then the obvious will stand out.

The Devil

Here’s another of those cards that can make some people go silly, which is fitting, as negative illusion is just what this one’s about. If you look at the goat’s face you will see a smile on it. It’s a smile that says, ‘Look at these idiots doing what I tell them just because they’re too stupid to say what they really think and feel.’ Got the message yet?

For me, this card speaks of a need to be more self-assured and not depend on the approval of others before making choices. This isn’t the same as not caring for others’ opinions or circumstances, it simply means you recognize you can make decisions and accept the consequences of those actions – you are all grown up.

The Tower

We all like to feel secure, but sometimes the walls we build to protect ourselves and perhaps to keep some people out end up keeping us in and away from experiencing life. In this card you see a tower, usually a strong building, being struck by lightning and crumbling. This suggests that no matter how strong and how high you build something, it can take just one event, one bolt from the blue, to send it tumbling down.

This card speaks to me of just that – an impending event that hasn’t been sent to bring turmoil (but it might), but to make you realize you are too detached from a situation and that without your involvement things are going to get a whole lot worse. So when you draw the Tower, don’t shrink away from conflict. This is a ‘sleeves rolled up and get stuck in’ card.

The Star

Here we have a direct link to higher knowledge. The figure on the card is likened to Pandora, who in the fable opened the box containing all the world’s worries, but right at the bottom found hope. Forming a link between heaven and Earth, the woman on the card pours divine light between the two, often symbolized as water.

When I see this card it tells me higher guides are there and information is available if only I will take the time to reach out for it. It also tells of maintaining hope, of staying positive, and reminds me that I’m on the right path even if things can sometimes make me feel that I’m anything but.

Dreams are also important when you see this card. Pay attention to yours and write them down when you remember them.

The Moon

The Moon rules your subconscious. She is one of our oldest symbols and our Earth’s constant companion, reminding us of our animal side every night as her waxing and waning affect our emotions and our moods. The Tarot card shows wolves guarding the doorway to the subconscious. Are you brave enough to walk past them, knowing you have every right to see what lies beyond? You should know that as soon as night falls, light is on its way. This is the cycle of our outer world and our inner one.

When I see this beautiful card I am reminded that fear is only an illusion and we really do have nothing to fear but fear itself. It tells of using your subconscious to remember when you have faced worse and come out smiling and to know that you are strong. For me, it also suggests acting on my emotions rather than suppressing them.

The Sun

Where would we be without the Sun, the giver of life and something to smile about when you wake up and see it shining through the window on your wedding day? The children dancing on the card remind us to embrace life like a child, to expect nothing and to wonder at everything we do get. (Bear in mind the cards were made centuries ago!) This card is about that joy of creation, of things growing and being warmed by the Sun, of making something positive happen just by sheer will.

For me, this is the cosmic healer, the card that says, ‘There, there, everything will be all right in the end.’ But don’t be fooled into thinking all you need to do is sit back and wait. That’s a common misconception with this card. You still need to put the effort in, but with the Sun behind you the rewards are doubled!

The Aeon (Sometimes called Judgement)

Time is changing all the time! And this card reminds us that time is itself an illusion. It brings up all sorts of questions about what the future is and whether it is set in stone or can be changed. It reminds us that not all things are as cut and dried as some would have you think. If you draw this card, it would be wise to consider whether someone is trying to manipulate you for their own ends. It also suggests you look at circumstances in your life that seem to be guiding you along one particular path or another. Seeing them clearly will help you achieve your goals more quickly.

For me, the fact that the main character on this card has her fingers over her lip, suggesting silence, tells me to say nothing and allow others to show themselves in their full glory – or not! The bent-over figure also suggests that you may be bending over backwards to please others whilst ignoring your own needs.

The Universe

The hermaphrodite on this card makes it neither male nor female. It’s ying and yang, the perfect combination of all things masculine and feminine. The circles formed around the figure tell of beginnings and endings, of doors closing and opening – which is it for you? Hard work comes to successful conclusions when this card appears and as long as you maintain direction that will most certainly be the case.

When I see this card I am heartened to know that a project is coming to a close or another one is about to come into my life. Of course the position of the card and the cards surrounding it will affect the outcome, as will the question itself, but I almost always see this card as positive.

Just How Do You Remember All That?!

Before taking a look at the Minor Arcana, it might be good to take a break from all this mental stuff and do something more intuitive, something that will help you understand the Major Arcana better.

This meditation is going to take you into each card. Clearly time may be an issue here and you probably won’t be able to look at them all. What I suggest you do is use this meditation to understand the cards you don’t immediately understand. That way, it needn’t be a long drawn-out thing. When I did it, it was ten minutes – and ten minutes well spent!

Take a card and hold it in your hand.

Stare at it, noticing its colour, the image on it, all the tiny details...

Now close your eyes and imagine the card is still in front of you. Enlarge it until it is life-size and resembles a door rather than a card.

When you are ready, open the door and walk through into the space belonging to the card you have chosen. There you will find the characters from the card waiting for you.

Talk to them, find out what they are all about, listen to their story and laugh, cry, love and live with them.

You will know when it’s time to leave. Don’t overstay your welcome. Close the door and bring your awareness back to the room.

Great, isn’t it? Like Disney without the air fare.

Write down what you have learned and remember that’s now in your subconscious, ready to use when it’s ready to be used.

The Minor Arcana

And so on to the Minor Arcana, the cards that deal with many of our day-to-day concerns and highlight details we might otherwise miss. These can also be timing cards – the numbers can represent days, weeks or months until an event. If you want to know when something is going to happen, remember to mention that in your question.

Both the positive and the negative sides of the cards are given here, but even the negative is a good thing, as it can show what needs to go. Just remember these keywords are not the only ones. As always, get to know your own cards. Let them talk to you. If you disagree with any of the words or meanings listed here, go with what you get, but be consistent. For example, the Two of Disks traditionally means change, but for me when it comes up in a reading it raises concerns over the health of someone older. I know I’m probably beginning to sound like a parrot with the trust and intuition thing, but if that’s what it takes, cover me in feathers and call me Polly!


Wands symbolize energy. They come from the element of Fire. Are you going to be a slow burner or will you have an initial rush and fizzle out before the game is over? We’ll see! Action and creativity are this suit’s blessings.

The court cards can mean a person or demeanour:


Cups represent the element of Water, the emotions. Are you a still pond with all sorts of things going on underneath or are you a raging sea making yourself heard? This is the suit associated with all forms of love.

The court cards can mean a person or demeanour:


Here we have the element of Air, the rush of wind that brings communication and clear direction. Are you the sort who just wafts along or will you be travelling like a force-ten gale? Thoughts and the mind are this suit’s domain.

The court cards can mean a person or demeanour:


Here we have Earth as the element. This is related to the slow, dependable and reliable march of the seasons – sow, reap, sow, reap. Are you ready to grow or have things got to the point where cutting back is the only option? Disks also represent money and health.

The court cards can mean a person or demeanour:

Laying Out the Tarot Cards

There are many different ways to lay out the cards. You will no doubt find them all in time, but to begin with it’s best to concentrate on two basic systems, which I’ll outline here. One is the three-card lay and the other is the classic Celtic Cross.

Remember, you can ask any question you want; just be clear about your intention and aware that the Tarot will suggest an outcome rather than give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

Bearing in mind that presently you are concentrating on developing your skills, you might want to base your question around that. Questions such as ‘How will my skills develop?’ or perhaps ‘What needs to change in my life in order for my subconscious to open up?’ might be useful. You decide, it’s your lay. If you’re doing this with friends, decide on a common question. That just makes the analysis simpler.

The Three-Card Spread

This very simple spread is the one I use most. It helps me make decisions, it colours my life with suggestions and information that I might otherwise have missed and, to be honest, it often confirms what I have been thinking all along!

Ask your question and select your cards, then place them in front of you like this:

Example cards diagram

Easy peasy. Now interpret your cards! To help you, here’s an example.

Example cards diagram

Question: How will my spiritual development go?


In the past you may have been full of good ideas but never really taken action simply because you never felt driven enough, but recently a teacher, either earthly or otherwise, may have entered your life to help you take your psychic development further. Creativity and your ability to get excited about the future and the possibilities it holds will take you on to brighter things.

That’s it. It needn’t be an essay. Take what you can from the cards and don’t force things – padding everything out with psychic-babble is not required!

If you want, you can put another card on top of an original card for clarity. That’s absolutely fine, but if you find yourself taking another and another, you might as well go for another lay and ask another question. Knowing when to stop is the sign of a good reader. You will know it when you find yourself thinking it!

Look out also for the same cards making an appearance time and time again. When they do that, lift the repeating card out and put another three underneath for clarification.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. I know I have said that over and over, but I make no apologies for it!

The Celtic Cross

This lay is a little more complex and, to be honest, it takes some getting used to, but it’s worth the effort.

Celtic cross card diagram

As ever, here’s an example!

Question: How will my psychic development affect my life?

Celtic cross card diagram example


Adjustments will have to be made for you to fulfil your destiny and although you are fully aware of the preparations you have to make, there may be more sacrifices than you are initially aware of. Transformation will come from being more in touch with your subconscious and the knowledge you have gathered up until now. You should be prepared to look at lessons learned and to remember your longing for union with the divine. Others will support you in your search, perhaps even financially, and although you may fear instability, you can hope for intuitive and willing forces and are likely to get them. Ultimately, you will be in control and have the creativity you need to succeed.

What’s interesting for me is I didn’t orchestrate these cards, I simply sat and asked my own cards to show me how the reader of this book might experience their development.

I could go over that interpretation now and pick out the keywords for each card and just how I got there, but I’m not – you are. Remember it’s not about being right or wrong, it’s simply about being!


The only thing you can do with the Tarot is practise, practise, practise. Look at at least one card a day. Take it in the morning with your multi-vitamin! Ask for a card to help you with that day’s events, see where it goes and learn as you live your life – how marvellous.

The meditation exercise you did earlier is great and simply losing yourself in the cards can really help, but there’s nothing like using them to make it all happen.

Later on we will be coming back to the Tarot and tying it in with numerology. This will give you another layer of information, so that’s something to get excited about!

There are many other cards you can use, angel cards and fairy cards being among the most popular. These work on the same principle of sending a message in picture form to your subconscious, and they work very well! Experiment with them, trust your intuition and if you feel drawn to them, stop dithering about, get a pack and see what they have to say to you!

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