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Many of us struggle to understand our growing psychic powers, and may even have been told by others that they don't matter or are 'all in your head'. Heidi Sawyer shows you below how to take the first steps with your intuition and recognise your innate psychic gifts, by encouraging your curiosity and heightening your awareness of coincidence. She will also help you find a group that will nurture your psychic abilities and build your confidence.

Developing Psychic Skills by Heidi Sawyer

Heidi Sawyer: The Intelligent Guide to the Sixth Sense

I remember distinctly the first psychic-development class I attended. The room was filled with very friendly people from all walks of life. As the class began people were describing experiences I could immediately recognize and understand. Here was a whole room full of people openly talking about all those things that my mother had previously criticized me for discussing even with just her! I felt at home.

The number-one part of the process of psychic development, the most fundamental and essential starting point, are an openness and willingness to learn. Like anything in life, those who believe they know it all, those who answer questions with a volley of ‘yes, buts’, actually develop slowest. I believe it is because the ‘lower self’, or personality, is dictating their progress rather than allowing themselves to trust the higher mind. Those who are open and willing, even if they have no previous experience of developing psychic skills, progress very quickly and are a delight to work with.

When I attended that first psychic-development class I knew nothing about the subject. All I knew was that I had had experiences that I wanted explained. I went in with an open mind, but to be truthful I was expecting an event full of slightly ‘far out’ people. What I saw was a group of wonderful, normal people in a class led by an unbelievably normal woman. This environment made it very safe for me to allow my curiosity to run wild.

Curiosity About Psychic Development

The most psychic people I know are extremely curious. They are curious about people, situations and how a person’s life turns out. They also have a brilliant memory for people and their lives. The name of a person is extremely important. People love for you to remember their name, and I believe it is a very polite and easy thing to do. I have noticed that those who remember names and have a deep curiosity turn out to be very good, intuitive psychics and mediums. The reason why this is so is unclear, but I believe it’s because those developing their sixth sense have a naturally empathetic inclination and a strong interest in people’s lives. This makes them a sponge for information, both spoken and unspoken. I may go for years without speaking to or seeing a person who has asked for my help or for a reading, but in the majority of cases when they re-contact me every detail of that person’s life or the reading I gave will pop into my head. It will run like a movie through my head. The names, the images and the places will often immediately re-ignite in my third eye. Then curiosity drives me forward into the next part of their lives with which they require guidance.

Developing curiosity is simple. For you it may be natural and something that requires little effort. For others it may well be something that needs a little stimulation. When I was first developing my psychic skills I would gaze at people as I travelled on the train to university. I would wonder what their lives were like, imagining their interests, their goals in life and what they wished for. I never knew if I was right because, obviously, I never asked them, but I would have a stream of images passing through my head, along with a bundle of feelings passing through my solar plexus. I would use these as ‘practice’, as a way of recognizing how to match images with emotions. What I practised on the train I’d then take into my learning environment, and when I would link into things I was asked to link into I’d find the information would start up in exactly the same way as when I practised on the train. The way I learned to develop my curiosity won’t work for everyone, for nothing scared me. If you are very sensitive, however, practising on people in your environment may not be for you. Also, when you do link into strangers, consider their privacy. I only chose to link into the parts of their psyche that they were willing to share.

A Deepened Interest in the Unseen

A strong interest in the unseen is an obvious sign of someone with a psychic ability beyond the everyday levels of instinct most people have. The reason for this interest in the unseen arises because part of our psyche wishes to open up and become more aware of the unseen energies that exist in our environment. I believe it is also linked to a natural part of the evolutionary process. We have learned how to produce goods and provide a roof over our heads. The next part of human development is to expand the capability of our minds. Such things as technology and the Internet are intangible; you can’t feel them but you can see the end result. For continued development into something as miraculous as technological breakthroughs, the mind needs to expand. A deepened interest in the unseen allows for people to open up into an arena not accessed before and to reach a level of creativity beyond our present perception.

An Increase in Coincidence

There is a distinct increase in positive coincidence and being in the right place at the right time. For most people this increases steadily from the beginning of their psychic-development process through to the day they leave the planet. An increase in our ability to accept both inner and outer guidance accounts for this change. As we become more trusting of the process, our ability to manifest what we want in life becomes a normal event. This can mean anything from manifesting a box of tissues when you need them to receiving a new car without much effort.

When I was new to psychic development I remember standing outside a hotel in London waiting for a taxi. Manifesting was also something I was not used to. Usually, like everyone else, most of what I wanted either eluded me or I had to wait ages for it. Outside the hotel on a freezing winter evening, taxis were in short supply. I looked across at a brand new chauffeur-driven Bentley as the passengers left their car, and wondered what it would be like to get home in a taxi that was a Bentley. At that instant, the driver got out of the car and popped his head over the roof. He was dressed from head to foot in a chauffeur’s uniform, including the hat. He called over to me, ‘Would you like a lift home?’ Looking around, checking that he was talking to me, I said, ‘Yes, please.’ The woman standing next to me happened to live the next street away from me, so we both hopped into the Bentley. I can still remember, even now, thinking, ‘Why on earth is this man being so kind, driving us 20 miles out of his way?’ Some call it luck. I call it manifesting.

Indeed, manifesting is extraordinary when it works in its most elaborate form. I did not ask anyone for anything; I simply wondered, while bored, freezing and waiting for a taxi, what it would be like to go home in a Bentley. As the stagnant energy disperses, manifesting can be only a thought away.

Everything Goes Quiet, Then Starts Up Again

Many people have commented over the years that they can experience a huge amount of psychic activity followed by a ‘slump’ or a desire to steer clear of it because it’s all a bit much. My advice is, if you have been having a lot of unsettling psychic experiences, the best thing you can do to make it settle down is to take an interest in it. The more you understand something, the less frightened you become. For those who naturally and spontaneously ‘open up’, it is important you grasp the process of it all. This is so you can choose and discern the types of energy you wish to channel. Many people in the early days of their psychic development make the mistake of thinking that if spirits talk to them, or if they receive messages for other people, then they must pass them on or accept visits from ghostly strangers in the middle of the night simply because they have this ‘gift’. It is not true. As in life, those who have passed over have no right over you. You have the same freedom of choice as you have in every other aspect of your life. You can choose whom you wish to communicate with, just as in life, and if you do not want to talk to frightening or unsavoury characters or accept them in your space you don’t have to. You are under no obligation to entertain these ‘bad’ spirits simply because they reveal themselves to you.

For those who do try to avoid their psychic side, whether through choice, fear or beliefs within their families, no matter how much they try to bury this dimension of their personality it will come up again. There is no time limit attached to this. Many people I have spoken to or taught in classes have had an interest in psychic development for as long as they can remember, having found that even if it goes quiet for a while it all starts up again when they least expect it. This is because the soul’s urge is still present, and the quiet period is simply due to its taking a holiday.

Impulse for Continuous Self-improvement

During the drive towards exploring your sixth sense, you will find yourself with a bug for self-improvement. This will take different forms based on the type of person you are. Generally the drive will include the following:

  • a desire to reduce the amount of meat you eat
  • low/lower tolerance of foods you eat too much of
  • a repulsion for junk food that you didn’t have previously
  • lower alcohol tolerance
  • continued fascination for any form of self-development
  • stronger desire to explore new territory
  • inability to keep still; a desire to be busy
  • increase in creativity
  • low tolerance for things that do not sit well
  • reduction in procrastination.

These are only some of the main forms people generally experience; there are many others. The change in food fancies and tolerance tends to be a result of an increase in energy vibration, which perhaps you wish to maintain. Therefore, the body starts to generate a move towards increasing the generally higher frequency and vibration, which often requires a ‘cleaner’ system.

Think of this as a metaphor: if you never clean your car, it still works; but over time the bodywork becomes dull, lifeless and ultimately rusted. If you had looked after the car, no matter what its age, it would still gleam. Energy vibrations work in a similar way: the more you ‘clean’ them, the brighter the sparks. When the whole system of a person has experienced ‘cleaning’ through aspects of psychic and spiritual development, there is a natural, often unconscious, desire to maintain this.

Choosing a Psychic-development Group

There are many psychic-development groups around. Some of these are easy to locate; others are hidden away. When choosing a group it is important to go to one you feel comfortable in. The best groups are ego-free and have the philosophy that everyone is equal. The group I started with when I was new and scared made me feel immediately welcome. It was full of lovely, very friendly people. Choose a group who will give you this feeling, and be mindful and respectful of them also.

The best way to find a group is through personal recommendation. If you have friends who rave about the group they are with, go to that one. If you do not have that luxury, then there are other ways to find a group. For example, Spiritualist churches are a source of information. However, they focus mainly on mediumship rather than other forms of psychic phenomena. You will find with many of them that their development groups are closed circles, but others do have open circles, so it is worth asking. If you want your learning to be easy on the wallet, then finding a Spiritualist church is your answer, as many of their meetings charge only a minimal fee. However, some Spiritualist churches have what could be described as ‘old thinking’ that doesn’t particularly suit those interested in incorporating a deep self- and spiritual development. This is not true of all Spiritualist churches but is something to be aware of.

Other psychic-development groups are set up by practising psychics and mediums. These are worth investigating and visiting to see if you are suitable for the group. A good fit should enable you to feel comfortable from the outset, even if a little scared. Finding these in your area can be a challenge, but mind-body-spirit magazines are a good source.

A psychic-development group should be something you enjoy. If you feel pressurized or bored, then you need to find something that fits you better. If a group is going at a pace slower than you prefer, then change, as this will affect your interest and interaction in the group.

The classes and workshops that I teach start people off on the same level. They are known for both speed and depth, which most people have not come across before. I start always on the assumption that everyone is psychic but to differing levels, and I proceed to show through various meditations and exercises how psychic skills are so variable. The classes are light-hearted and full of laughter, as I’m not one for being ultra-serious. This helps people to immediately feel comfortable, and I love to watch people growing in confidence as the class goes on. This seems to be a very popular format. I use it because of the way I remember feeling when I first joined a psychic-development class, so I believe it is very important for people to gain confidence and belief in themselves if nothing else. However, this format is not for everyone, and you may prefer a more serious approach, which is why it is important for you to stick with a group you feel comfortable with.

The Internet is another option for finding resources and contacts. My websites, PsychicCourses.com and HeidiSawyer.com, offer free forums for asking questions to do with developing psychic skills and intuition. Many people the world over who have either attended my courses or have the home version use the forums frequently. The forums are very helpful to those who wish to contact like-minded individuals for advice and support. You can also sign up for the free newsletter, which sends you useful tips for psychic development to help you along the way.

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