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The World of Psychics

Hay House's psychics will show you how to improve a host of psychic skills with this free guide. There are many tools and techniques you can employ to fully develop your sixth-sensory perception, and this guide features some of the best advice for implementing it, from psychics with an amazing track record.

Click on the topics below to find information on the afterlife, how to handle people in your life that might be skeptical about your developing skills and how to contact animals on the other side.

Developing psychic skills
Heidi Sawyer

The number-one part of the process of psychic development, the most fundamental and essential starting point, are an openness and willingness to learn. Like anything in life, those who believe they know it all, those who answer questions with a volley of ‘yes, buts’, actually develop slowest. I believe it is because the ‘lower self’, or personality, is dictating their progress rather than allowing themselves to trust the higher mind.[Read more]

What is the afterlife?
Gordon Smith

When I was beginning to learn about mediumship in my twenties, I assumed that spirit people looked like we do, only a little more glowing. This, I suppose, was due to how I would see them clairvoyantly. When I imagined what it looked like, I saw white buildings and beautiful countryside with colours beyond description... It wasn’t until I managed to find some cassette recordings of a very rare type of psychic phenomenon that my view changed completely [Read more]

Heaven for dogs
John Holland

The power of an animal’s love, intuition, and wisdom is greatly underestimated – whether it’s an ape that not only understands but also responds to sign language, or a special cat that made the news by instinctively knowing when its nursing-home residents were about to leave this world. [Read more]

The meaning of tarot cards
David Wells

There are as many myths surrounding the Tarot as there are decks themselves. You will hear various ideas, from the cards being a device to bury esoteric teaching right through to just a game played by aristocrats. For our purposes they are a window into your subconscious. [Read more]

On skeptics and cynics
Lisa Williams

Perhaps you’ve sought a reading from a medium or psychic before; on the other hand, maybe you’ve never had such an experience. Either way, you may be like many people and question the reality of contact with the spirit realm, wondering what value there could be in reading this book. To this, I say: Don’t let your beliefs or opinions stop you from exploring growth and healing opportunities. An open mind can reap incredible rewards. [Read more]

The World of Psychics

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