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We have all had moments that seem uncanny, where we notice that a certain sign seems to be speaking to us from beyond the grave. We might have dismissed these moments as a symptom of grief but instead they can be the first inkling of our growing powers in contacting the dead. John Holland, internationally renowned medium, gives examples of the many ways the dead are attempting to contact you through dreams or items going missing.

A Sign from Above by John Holland

The Spirit Whisperer

My memories of living in England are very special to me. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was walking the breathtaking grounds and the many halls of the Arthur Findlay College, which is nestled in the depths of the English countryside. The college, which I’ve affectionately nicknamed my personal “Spirit Boot Camp,” offers facilities unequaled anywhere in the world. It’s a residential center where students can study Spiritualist philosophy, healing, and awareness and learn to develop their psychic and mediumship abilities. It’s a place for like-minded people to discover their own unique spiritual talents. It’s an amazing environment where you can discover who you are and in what direction you want to take your life. I always loved it there — not just for the education, but as a place where I was quite comfortable in knowing that I was not the different one anymore.

Spirit Boot Camp

I don’t think I ever realized as I was being groomed just how much my life would change after those intensive weeks of training. I was put through my paces, often with little time to think. The teachings were taken very seriously, and I was indoctrinated with a deep sense of integrity and commitment to the work. I remember one particular week I spent with about 80 other aspiring mediums, where we immersed ourselves for several days, learning about different signs and symbols and how to interpret them for future reference.

I found this to be a particularly fascinating part of the course, and the interpretations have become part of my methodology. We were encouraged to continue our training and to sit in a circle, so after each of the weeklong courses at the college, I’d return to Bristol feeling both exhilarated and drained at the same time. I then devoted every Tuesday evening to sitting in a mediumship development circle.

Although I knew even at that stage that I possessed something — some gift — and even though I wasn’t able to quantify it then, I felt it deep within me. I knew, as I had since I’d been a child, that I was different, and that I was destined to do this work. Now, 17 years later, having taught many workshops myself, I realize that we all have the ability to link with Spirit in some way. For most people, the obstacle is often that they’re totally unaware of, or have never contemplated communicating with, a loved one or a guide on the Other-Side.

My two-year circle training was probably my greatest preparation for developing and understanding how my mediumship worked, as I was taught many techniques showing me how to be aware when my guides and spirits were drawing close. These circles were highly disciplined, run by a strict code of ethics for those wanting to develop. I was blessed to be part of such a strong circle.

Using meditation as a technique, I was taught how to still my mind. This amazing process enables you to let go of the constraining influences of the outside world. When I mastered this silencing technique, I was able to make room for those on the Other-Side to merge with my own energy. By the same token, I had to learn to blend my energy with theirs. It was most definitely a two-way process. I was shown how to raise my consciousness and to reach out to them.

The experienced members of the circle helped me to heighten my senses and notice whether I was sensing, hearing, or seeing anything in my mind’s eye. “John, just let yourself become fully aware of everything you’re feeling, hearing, or seeing, and tell us what the spirits are trying to send to you,” they would quietly repeat over and over. I would sit there week after week and attempt to interpret the signs and symbols. With each passing week, I found that it got easier to feel when I was receiving a message. This training certainly taught me that you can’t rush this process, as it takes time and everyone will develop in their own way, in their own time, and yes, it takes . . . a lot of patience.

Often, I would experience a warm, comfortable feeling around my shoulders when the link opened. It signaled that I was about to forge a connection between this world and the next. I can only liken it to the feeling of someone wrapping a soft blanket around me. In the first few months of my development, it became my special calling card. Each time I felt this comforting blanket, I knew that my guides and potential spirits wanted to come through with a message. Some of the people in my development circle had their own calling cards when they were linking. I remember one of them saying she’d feel a breeze, whereas another woman saw colours, while one of the few other men there said that he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder.

Of course, everyone is different in how they feel or perceive people in the Spirit World when they’re drawing close. After a while, when I opened myself up, I didn’t need the rest of the group to confirm they were there. I began to trust and simply know that they were. Then one day I realized that I didn’t even need to use my unique calling card anymore. That day was quite a turning point.

I made the conscious decision to follow my destiny and devote my life to this work. Yes, I was fortunate enough to be trained by some of the top mediums, and that training gave me the foundation of everything I’ve done since. For many people who aren’t necessarily psychics or mediums, it’s possible that they’ll have their own calling cards from their loved ones.

Messages & Symbols from the Other Side

One of the sayings I like to use is: “Those on the Other-Side want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them!” There are so many ways in which they might try to get your attention, but for many people, the signs go unrecognized. Whether you’re still feeling emotional due to a recent loss, or are just immersed in the business of life, it’s easy to simply miss those little signs and symbols that they’re trying to send you. The part of my work I love most is teaching my psychic-development workshops, to see people at the start of the weekend, completely unaware, and then watch them leave two days later with a more heightened consciousness. They’ve made new connections not only with themselves, but with their loved ones.

There are many different types of messages, signs, and symbols that those in Spirit use to tell us that they not only love us, but that they’re still connected to us. These signs and symbols come in all shapes and sizes, and they can easily be missed in the wink of an eye.

Let’s be clear what these signs and symbols are known as. They’re called ADCs (after-death communications), which is a term I picked up from my colleagues Bill and Judy Guggenheim. They are the authors of the bestseller Hello From Heaven! While they were writing the book, they carried out extensive research and interviewed more than 3,300 people who believed they had been contacted by deceased relatives. More than 300 stories from their research are included in this fascinating book, and in my opinion, it completely validates everything that I do.

Of course, over the past 17 years, I’ve amassed a huge collection of my own beautiful stories and incidents from the hundreds of people who’ve had private readings with me, my students, and those who attend my lectures. I know that many have experienced firsthand communication from their loved ones. Bill and Judy’s research reaches a powerful conclusion, in that an estimated 60 to 120 million Americans have had some form of an ADC experience.

These ADCs come in many forms, and it’s important to stress here that they’re not facilitated through a psychic or a medium or using a tool of any kind. These are spiritual experiences that just happen spontaneously and are usually quite personal. I believe when loved ones pass before we do, and once they settle again, they often do everything in their power to get our attention. When they do send a sign, what are they trying to tell us? Simply that they have survived death and that they love us and want us to continue to live our lives to the fullest.

During my lectures, I always try to devote some time to taking questions from the audience. It’s a great way for people to ask those burning questions that have been on their minds but rarely get the chance to ask. I was in Seattle recently, and as I opened the floor to questions, a sea of hands shot up! A woman almost jumped out of her seat as she said, “John, I’m Elaine, and my question is this: Why don’t my loved ones just show up in front of me?”

Even though it’s a very serious topic, I’ve learned to mix in a little humour to lighten what can be a heavy subject, so my response that night got the usual warm reaction as I said, “Come on, Elaine, if your loved ones on the Other-Side suddenly popped up in front of you — what would happen?” I waited for the laughter to subside before carrying on. “First, your hair might turn white, and then you’d probably die from shock!”

I went on to explain how those on the Other-Side try to be quite subtle with their signs, mainly so you’re not startled. “Now don’t get me wrong,” I continued. “Some people have seen a full apparition of their loved ones. I believe it’s rare, but I know it happens, and like all ADCs, they are truly very special.” I finished off answering the question by telling the audience about some of the many ways in which ADCs are sent, some of which I will tell you about here. I’ll list some of the other ways later in this chapter.


Based on the information I gave that audience, it won’t come as a surprise that the number one way that spirits come through is in your dreams. Why? Because when you’re asleep, your mind isn’t working overtime; it’s calm and relaxed, and your analytical left-brain side takes a break. Those on the Other-Side can slip into your dreams, as this is the easiest way for them to softly step into your consciousness and psyche.

In almost all my lectures and workshops, I love to ask the audience: “Who’s had a dream of their loved ones when you know for a fact that it really was them?” Half of the audience’s hands will enthusiastically go up. Some people may have had this dream a week ago, a month ago; or even for some, many years may have passed since a loved one came to them in a dream. Here’s the interesting part of this phenomenon: no matter how long ago the dream took place, the memory of that special ADC is often as fresh as though it were dreamed last night.

When I ask people to describe what happened in the dream, what was said, or how the person looked, the answers are usually always the same. First, they always appear healthy. If there was illness before they passed, if age ravaged their bodies, or even if they passed in an accident, no sign of this is evident in the dream. Often if they passed when they were elderly, they appear to look young and vibrant. They are smiling, happy, healthy, and perfect.

Many people have recounted their dreams, and they distinctly remember saying to their loved one, “What are you doing here — you’re dead!” The messages that come back in the dream are usually short but often the same. Without opening their mouths, the spirits just use thoughts to convey that their soul lives on, and that they still love the person they’re visiting. Most important, they actually want you to go on with your lives here, to be happy, and to know that they will see you again.

Of course, not every dream you have of loved ones is a true ADC. It may be that it’s your own mind dealing with and working through your bereavement process, especially if the dream is disturbing or if the spirits are appearing in a negative way. You’ll know which ones are true ADCs. They’ll have a sense of clarity to them; they’ll be more detailed, very loving, enjoyable; and above all, positive.

Those of you who’ve read my previous books know that I recommend that you keep a journal beside your bed to record your dreams. If you’d like to have an ADC dream about a loved one, then a good way to start is to spend some time in quiet reflection or meditation. Send the thought out to that person. Put all the love you have in your heart and think of him or her. Ask them to appear in your dreams, and tell them that you’re ready and willing to receive a message. Remember, you may just get that person you’re seeking, but don’t be surprised if you actually get someone you least expect!


Another common way in which spirits choose to come through is through smells. The sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses — whether it’s the essence of fresh spring flowers, a particular perfume, freshly baked bread, or the whiff of a pungent cigar. Each smell imprints its unique impression on your memory bank. Scents have an amazing power to vividly bring back memories that you may have long forgotten. When we smell a freshly baked apple pie, it may bring up loving recollections of a grandmother, or the whiff of the ocean could conjure up happy days spent on your dad’s boat. A man once told me that the smell of a freshly mowed lawn brought back childhood memories of family barbecues, as his dad always cut the grass before he started the grill!

Stop and ponder for a minute about what smells bring back special memories for you. If you put this book down for a moment and think about it, I’m sure you’ll have your own memories of certain scents and how they spark a happy memory. Mine would have to be the aroma of my mom’s Italian cooking and all the spices she used to tempt our palates. The smell of meatballs simmering in that delicious red sauce always brings back memories of my mom working in the kitchen, giving us samples as she cooked.

As I’ve already said, remember that when ADCs happen, they’re very often quite subtle, particularly when related to scents. For example, if your dad used to smoke cigars in his lifetime, and one day for no reason you smell cigar smoke, don’t be alarmed. Obviously, check that there’s no one in the house actually smoking a cigar. If not, then it might be your dad’s way of saying, “Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I’m with you right now.”

A woman told me how she often smells her mom’s favourite cologne. Her first instinct was to yell at the kids, but she knew they’d deny touching that special bottle that belonged to her mom. I remember a friend of mine telling me a story about accompanying another medium to a local radio show for an interview. She was giving a message to one of the callers, telling her that the spirit who came through loved to smoke pipes. All of a sudden, the aroma of pipe tobacco filled the enclosed studio! I believe the host of the radio show was quite surprised, and I’m sure he’ll never forget what happened that special evening. This is just another beautiful example of an ADC using smells to trigger a connection.

Know that someone is trying to get your attention if you have a similar experience. Too many of us try to rationalize them and explain them away. That’s okay, too. When you’re ready, it will happen, and then you’ll recognize it for what it is. Just take your time.

Another story that I tell at all my lectures happened a few years ago when I was giving a program during one of our typical New England winters. I was totally surprised by how many people showed up since we had just had one of our heavy snowstorms, with more than ten inches falling in just a few hours.

Everyone had been in panic mode that morning as the snow piled up, but I was relaxed, as I knew that not even a storm could stop those on the Other-Side from making an appearance. The one thing about New England is that the roads are cleared really quickly. During the lecture, I was discussing how to recognize communication from the Other-Side. It was the part where I explained how to watch out for smells. I’d barely finished my sentence when a very young woman raised her hand and told me something that had just happened to her.

“John, I just want to share my story. My mom passed away a few years ago. She was always working in her garden,” she explained. “It was a spectacular garden, which the neighbours and casual passersby all admired. In fact, she won a number of horticultural contests for her prize roses.” She took a deep breath as her eyes began to well up with tears, and went on to tell the audience that a few days before this event, it was the anniversary of her mom’s passing. She woke up that morning and realized that her entire house was filled with the sweet smell of her roses.

She went on, “John, trust me, I wasn’t imagining it. I live alone now, so I’d know if I had bought some roses the day before, but I hadn’t. Yet I’d been thinking a lot about my mom the night before, as it was the anniversary of her death.” She went on to explain how initially, she’d struggled to make the connection and figure out where the smell of roses was coming from. When she’d finished telling this beautiful story, I asked her to come up onstage.

As I placed her face in my hands and looked straight into her tearful eyes, I asked her, “Darling, so what do you think that was?”

I thought the answer was almost a given, but what she said next surprised me and made the audience burst into laughter.

“I just thought it was the Glade air freshener coming in from one of my neighbours’ homes!” she said.

Trying not to embarrass her, I replied, “You mean to tell me, that on the anniversary of your mom’s passing — a woman known for her prize roses — your whole house fills with the scent of roses in the dead of winter and you honestly think that an air freshener could travel from one home to another, through two sets of double-glazed storm windows, and fill your house with that smell?” The audience giggled at the thought of this.

“Well, John, I didn’t know what else to think,” she said, as she lowered her head. I could see that she was embarrassed, so I gave her a huge hug.

“That was most likely your mom saying, ‘I’m here with you today and I love you so very much,’” I said. The woman walked offstage with a smile that radiated through the entire auditorium, clearly thankful for her mom’s message.

It’s fascinating how often we try to explain everything away. Of course, not everything can be rationalized, especially when we’re talking about the ways in which our loved ones still try to send us validations of their existence. If they were here physically, they’d be connecting to us; and sharing in our lives, loves, joys, sorrows, family birthdays and gatherings, holidays, anniversaries, and of course, our accomplishments. I genuinely believe that those on the Other-Side, given the chance, will never miss a good party! So remember, just because their souls are no longer in physical bodies, it doesn’t mean they stop caring for or loving us.

Finding Your Own Calling Cards

When someone passes and leaves this world, the normal and familiar way you communicate is interrupted for a time until a new form of communication is established, even though there can be a learning period for how it all works. There are so many different ways in which those on the Other-Side will try to get your attention. Besides dreams and smells, which are probably two of the most common that I hear about, there are other ways and means they’ll use to send you signs, symbols, or messages. It could be as simple as a touch on the shoulder, a kiss on the cheek, a tousle of your hair, or even a tingle up your spine. When they really want to get your attention, they’re going to do their utmost to get you to take notice so that you’re aware of them and acknowledge that they’re still connected to you.

Here are a few more examples of some of the most common types of ADCs:

Feeling the Presence of Your Loved Ones

Many people who’ve lost a family member or friend, or even a beloved pet, may find themselves saying, “I may be going crazy, but I swear I feel them around me.” We’re so good at talking ourselves out of experiences that don’t fit into stereotypical or more logical reasoning.

Next time you feel someone around you and you’re questioning yourself, stop and try a different approach. Acknowledge their presence, say “Hello” or “I love you,” and ask for another sign. They want to know if you can in fact feel them. It could be loving thoughts that they’re sending; and by allowing your mind, body, and spirit to become receptors, you’ll be able to pick up those special sentiments.

Sadly, too many people think that their minds are just playing tricks on them or their imaginations are going into overdrive because they want a connection so desperately.

Synchronistic Events

How often has this happened to you or someone you know? You’re thinking of your mom, who passed some years ago, while you’re driving home from work. Just at the exact moment her memory pops into your consciousness, you pull up behind another car, and there’s a bumper sticker or license plate that says: “NBR 1 MOM.” Or another scenario: at the exact moment you’re thinking of your mom, you turn on the radio and there’s her favourite song playing! Are you still trying to figure out how those on the Other-Side work this out with the disc jockey? To this day, I’m amazed at the lengths they’ll go to to get your attention!

I remember once hearing from a gentleman who said that he was at the checkout counter at the supermarket, and as he was patiently waiting for his turn, a couple stepped in line behind him. He could clearly overhear them talking about their family. It was totally weird, as almost all the names they mentioned were in fact the same as the names of some of his of own family members who had passed. He also told me that he could see that if they’d been common names like John or Mary, it wouldn’t have registered with him, but some of his family names were quite unusual. In the end, he did turn around to take a quick glance and make sure that he wasn’t related to this couple in some strange way.

Are these coincidences? I don’t believe so. I often feel that those on the Other-Side can assist you in being in the right place at the right time, so when out of the blue you find yourself thinking of someone who has passed, maybe at that exact moment the person is lovingly thinking of you!


Lights flickering, television sets going on and off by themselves, radios and stereos acting up for no reason, electric clocks gaining or losing time or just stopping at the time of the person’s death, cell phones registering the phone number of someone who’s already passed — these are just a few examples of how spirits use electricity and energy to grab our attention. Whatever will they come up with next? I wouldn’t be surprised if they begin to use Twitter!

My friend Debra recently lost her dad after a very long illness, and then four months later she lost her mother. It’s as if her mom followed her dad to the Other-Side. With two of the most important people in her life having passed, it was too much for Debra to take. One evening with tears in her eyes, she looked up and called out to her mother, “Mommy, if you can hear me, I really need a sign to let me know that you and Daddy are okay!”

Debra went to bed that night and was woken up by the alarm on her new BlackBerry phone. When she went to shut off the alarm, she didn’t see the clock. All she noticed was the picture of her mother she’d taken months earlier! As she was telling the story, she swore that she hadn’t programmed the picture to come up with the alarm. She explained that to access the images, you have to touch quite a few keys first. This was the sign she needed. She didn’t ask for specifics, but asked her mother to send any sign she could. Her mom didn’t let her down.

I heard from another woman whose dad always had to have the fan on. When other people got too cold, they’d shut it off, and of course, he’d turn it back on. After his passing, the fan would often turn on by itself, even when the house was empty!

I believe that since everything is made up of energy vibrating at its own unique frequency, including those on the Other-Side, electricity is a relatively easy way for them to use their energy to make things go on and off, and by doing so, make their presence known. As always, I want you to stay grounded with this. So, if your lightbulb is blinking — check the bulb or check your circuits. Not every flickering light is going to be an ADC. I want to make sure you’ve checked every physical reason before you jump to the conclusion that it’s something paranormal.

Pennies from Heaven

One of the more beautiful examples of an ADC is one of the most common ones. Yes, it’s finding those odd pennies. I’ve asked audiences all over the world, “How many of you find pennies in odd places around the house, and in your heart you know they’re from a loved one?” I’m usually met with a sea of waving hands. The stories I hear are often about the date on the penny being the same year of a loved one’s passing or birth year. If you start finding pennies or dimes, notice the date. It could be significant. More often than not, no matter how old the coin is, people tell me that it’s always shiny, as though it’s fresh from the bank. Some people find pennies, while others find dimes, but rarely do people find quarters or, better still, silver dollars. Maybe some do find those, but pennies and dimes are the most common.

Now many people have said to me, “Come on, John, everyone finds coins!” Well, no. It’s not how they communicate with me. Of course, people leave coins around or even toss them in the street, but I’m talking about finding pennies and dimes in places you’ve just visited — for instance, on the bed you just made, in the tub you just cleaned, on the dresser you just polished, on the floor you just vacuumed, or even on a path that you just walked along. Once you begin to find coins as you’re thinking of someone in particular who has passed, you’d better get out a small piggy bank, because they’ll keep coming when you need that validation from them. They will be your calling cards from heaven!


Working with Mother Nature is one of the wonderful ways for those on the Other-Side to grab your attention. It could be birds, flowers, trees, butterflies, insects, water, rainbows, or some other animal. Many people connect with specific symbols when they think of a loved one. It could be something that you or a special person who has passed has a link to. Some feel that butterflies are their calling cards from a loved one. Butterflies are a great ADC because they are wonderful symbols of transformation and liberation — in the same way that their loved ones are free of their bodies.

We are all connected to each other as well as nature, so now you can understand why those on the Other-Side use the wonders of the earth as their calling cards. Let’s have the usual reality check, in that not every bird you may see will be a loved one trying to get your attention. It could be just a bird! Mind you, if your dad loved blue jays, and one shows up on your windowsill at the precise moment you were thinking about your dad or missing him, then in fact that could be an ADC. My friend Gretchen knows that her calling card from her dad is a simple feather. Sometimes when she’s really missing her dad, a feather will appear, no matter where she may be. She will look down and sure enough, there’s a feather at her feet. She has often told me, though, that it’s rarely more than one.

A few weeks ago, right at the end of a long winter, I was sitting in my home-based studio presenting my weekly radio show, when a woman called in to tell me a beautiful story about a neighbor whom she’d become close to, who’d suddenly passed away from an illness. Months earlier, the same neighbor had given her a rosebush for her garden as a gift. After she passed, and toward the end of the winter, this woman was lovingly thinking of her neighbor and missing the special “coffee talks” they often shared. For no reason, she felt drawn to peer into her backyard where she’d planted the rose bush, and to her utter amazement, there was one single rose that had bloomed through the snow!

This is the way loved ones, friends, and even neighbours give us signs of their gentle, loving guidance, which is always around us. When we’re open, it’s much easier to receive a message that’s meant specifically for us.


Numbers play a key role in our lives, in the world, in science, and in technology. When you think of it, everything in the universe revolves around numbers — from the rotation of the earth and the planets, to our calendars, to the way we keep time.

Do numbers keep showing up in your life? Some people who have ADCs through numbers will see the same figures repeatedly, whether it’s on a digital clock, a license plate, dollar bills, telephone numbers, or those synchronistic moments when you find you have the same birthday as someone you’ve just met. Many people will see the exact time of the passing of a loved one repeatedly appearing in their lives.

Numbers play a big part in my work, both on- and offstage. For a while, I frequently used to see the number 149. No matter what order they were in, these three numbers kept popping up in my life. I searched my memory bank and scrambled the numbers in every possible combination. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it meant. No one I knew had passed at that specific time, nor did any birth dates make sense. So, I figured they were given to me to play the lottery. Well, sadly, that didn’t work either.

Then, I noticed that every time I was on my way to demonstrate, I’d always see those same numbers. Sometimes I’d notice them on a license plate, a billboard, or on the side of a bus. There they were again! It finally dawned on me that they were “my guides” checking in with me, letting me know that they were going to be with me. It was comforting to know they were there. In those early days, I suffered from stage fright before an event, wondering if the link would still be there. I’ve been doing this work for more than 17 years now, and thankfully, it just grows stronger. Nowadays, when I see these numbers, I simply say “Hello” and thank my guides for the confirmation.

Some numbers, like 149, may mean nothing to you. However, I would recommend a great book by Doreen Virtue called Angel Numbers, which explains some of the meanings behind different number sequences. Keep a note in your journal when you notice your special numbers, and try to remember what you were just thinking or what you were just doing. The numbers might be nothing more than confirmation that you’re on the right track. Then again, they could have greater significance.

Numbers that continue to show up may not always be from someone who has passed, for they could just be from your guides, your angels, your intuition, or the universe. Once you begin to notice and understand numbers, you’ll never look at them in the same way again.

Missing Items

I truly believe that those on the Other-Side love to play with us when they’re trying to grab our attention. How many times have you just put down your ring, necklace, watch, wallet, keys, or even your eyeglasses, only to find that when you went back to get them, they’re gone! You find yourself saying: “I know I just left them here.” You begin to search high and low, driving yourself crazy. Then, of course, you know what happens. The same place you just looked only moments before, the same place you thought you’d left them, is where they were all along . . . or were they? You think, I must have missed them when I was looking before.

This happens too often to too many people for it to be a coincidence. This is yet another example of an ADC. Just as those on the Other-Side can leave us gifts, they also can make things disappear and reappear. Why do they do so? It’s just their way of saying, “Hi, I am here.” Quite often, it’s someone who had a sense of humour while he or she was alive, and apparently, we don’t lose that part of ourselves over there.

So the next time this happens to you, yes, you could be just forgetful — as always, stay grounded with this — but think for a moment, and ask yourself, Who do I know who has passed that could be playing with me? This could be their comical calling card meant just for you.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of different ways in which your loved ones may try to get your attention, and trust me — they will try anything to reach out to you. No matter what ADCs you may receive, they’re always meant to be loving, joyful, and positive experiences — ones that give you hope and comfort, and are usually received exactly when you need them. They shouldn’t be scary or frightening, or cause you more grief. Just to repeat once again, it’s their way of saying “I love you, and I am with you always.”

If you believe in ADCs but have yet to experience one, I’ve learned that those in Spirit often take their cues from you. If they know that you’re still emotional and that an ADC may upset you, they might pass a message through someone else until you’re ready to receive one directly yourself.

When you feel you’re really open and ready to receive, put a loving thought out to the spirit world and ask them to show you a sign, one that you’ll know is from them. Please keep an open mind so that you don’t have set expectations of what you want it to be. It may be the same sign over and over, or it could be different every time. Trust me, they know when you’re ready and how to get your attention. Be thankful for them, cherish them, and hold them close to your heart, for they truly are calling cards from heaven.

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