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An Introduction to Mediumship

Mediums are those who are capable of making contact with those who have passed over to the other side. Many people seek them out to find out what happens after we die, or if they want to contact a departed loved one.

Their work shows that death is not the end and this collection will explain some of the most important questions that mediums are asked, including what the truth is about the existence of ghosts and how to find an accurate and trustworthy medium.

What are ghosts?
Gordon Smith

People often ask me why a lot of the messages the Spirits choose to pass on are so personal, and sometimes full of trivial bits of information, when they could be giving us next week's lottery numbers or the answer to that old chestnut about the meaning of life instead. The fact is that the chief purpose of those conversations with the other side is to reassure us about life after death. [...]

How do I find a medium?
Heidi Sawyer

Good psychics are realistic and in touch with themselves and reality. It is important to remember there is a difference between a psychic and a medium. Recall that a medium speaks to those who have passed over and attempts to give evidence of life after death. A psychic reads energy from its present position into its future expression. [...]

What is reincarnation?
Lisa Williams

I want to explain what happens when souls decide to return to the Earth plane, and what the process is for their reincarnation.
I will also answer any questions you might have about why returning souls choose lives that often have so many challenges and hardships along the way [...]

How do I find my spirit guide?
Sylvia Browne

Spirit guides are entities who have lived life on this earthly plane. They can be male or female, and they’re very solid in their own dimension on the Other Side. They study your chart (our program that we choose to come into life with) and help you decide the lessons you’re here to learn, and also how they can help you do so. [...]

A sign from above
John Holland

One of the sayings I like to use is: “Those on the Other-Side want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them!” There are so many ways in which they might try to get your attention, but for many people, the signs go unrecognized. Whether you’re still feeling emotional due to a recent loss, or are just immersed in the business of life, it’s easy to simply miss those little signs and symbols that they’re trying to send you. [...]

Introduction to Mediumship

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An Introduction to Mediumship

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